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Many cat owners don’t realize just how easy it is for them to groom their cat. All cats need to be groomed, even those with short hair. Follow this guide to make it even easier to groom your cat without causing your loving pet any distress.

Regular Grooming

If cats are not groomed on a regular basis, then it can become an uncomfortable or painful experience for them. Longer haired cats need to be groomed more often than short haired cats to reduce painful tangles. A cat with long hair, for example, should be groomed on a daily basis, for at least 5 minutes at a time. The more regularly you groom your cat, the happier they will be.

Short haired cats don’t always need to be groomed on a daily basis. However, many owners find that by grooming every day they can get their pet into a routine. Also, once your cat starts to enjoy being groomed, then it becomes quite a pleasant experience for you too. Grooming for a couple of minutes per day with a comb will be okay for a cat with fairly short hair.

Reward Cats for their Patience

When you first start grooming your cat, it can be difficult to keep them still. However, once they get into a routine, it should become slightly easier. You can get your cat more used to being groomed if you reward them after the ordeal is over such as giving them a treat. Hopefully this way, your cat will start to look forward to getting groomed.

Using a Grooming Slicker Brush

You will find that grooming your cat is much easier if you buy and use the right tools. If your cat has short hair, then use a fine metal comb to brush gently all over the hair. After combing, a grooming brush can be used to help remove any loose hair. A long haired cat will be harder to groom, use a comb with wider teeth. Carefully tease out any knots while your pet is relaxed and comfortable. Don’t cut any knots out of the hair; this could cause injury. Instead, just work them out carefully with the comb. Some cats may need a haircut, but it’s best to take your cat to a professional cat groomer for this.

Find out more about grooming tools on the SlickerBrush.com YouTube Channel

Be Gentle

Cats aren’t that keen on being forced to do something they don’t want to do. If you physically restrain your cat while grooming then, this will make it tough. Be gentle when holding your cat, try to help them enjoy being groomed. Some owners will find it easier to brush the cats hair when they lie down in their lap, or while they are sleeping.


Cats tend to wash with their tongue, but occasionally you will need to give your cat a bath. This is something that many owners and cats hate, but can be made easier if you know how. Make sure that the water is a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Also, make sure you never wet the cat’s mouth or eyes. Use a small plastic cup to wet the fur of your cat gently, then rub shampoo into the coat and rinse it out. It’s best to bathe your cat when it is relaxed and calm.

Grooming your cat every day is easy, and will quickly become something that you will enjoy doing. When done properly it should be relaxing for both you and your cat. If you need any assistance, or your cat needs a trim then consider taking them to a professional cat groomer

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