Hello and Welcome to the All Bages Blog

Hi, and welcome to the blog and my new web site. Where readers can come to share their thoughts on my articles, I am hoping to make this an interactive place. It’s possible for you to allow me to know what you liked, what you didn’t, or everything you might be interested in seeing in future series. Or you can share your thoughts how they’ve discovered and grown and on figures within the course of a novel. The most satisfying part of writing for me is hearing that my stories have motivated or fascinated readers in a few way. Therefore, I am looking forward to hearing any ideas you are not unwilling to talk about.

I am an audience myself, and both studying and my writing give a means of escape for me. Sometimes life may be confusing, rough, or just the usual dull. Testimonies help us break from every day life to get a second that is short, and participate another planet. I hope the sides of the carry shifters in my narratives will entertain you and provide a liberation from your ordinary to you.

From this level forward, I’m going to try to talk about a brief blog post about each new release with you. I would discuss my favourite parts of the novel, or maybe a tad of the back story for I discovered the motivation for that particular work. I’m hoping to produce another book in the Ice Bear Series–Bearing the Black Ice–this coming weekend. So, be shopping for a blog post in regards to the book, and for that.

In the meantime, Happy reading, and see you soon!

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